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Hand-crafted using on the finest materials and technology available, MTD 5-string electric basses are made for bassists with the most discerning tastes. Every one of their instruments was made to pre-emptively accommodate your needs - even before you think of it. Made to suit all styles of play, MTD electric basses are the pinnacle of quality. Started in 1994 by Michael Tobias, a legendary luthier whose original company was bought out by Gibson, MTD is a shop founded on the idea that every last detail has to be well thought-out. Going through the full process, from concept and design to development and construction, MTD strives for a level of perfection most manufacturers dream of. Continuing to push every aspect of their instruments to the limit, there are no other basses like these on the planet.

If you want that MTD quality but are still just being introduced to the bass, you should start your search with the Kingston Saratoga 5-String Electric Bass Guitar. Featuring a carved basswood body with an asymmetrical neck profile, this bass also has a Buzz Feiten Tuning System and MTD passive single coil J-style pickups for a professional sound without the professional price. With a heavy tone and an innovative design, this bass blends comfort and playability. As well, if you're here for a bass that can burn though solos, you'll need to check out the Kingston Heir 5-String Bass Guitar. With MTD exposed pole alnico J and MM pickups, five controls for outstanding versatility, and a carved ash body, this bass sounds as amazing as it looks.

For professional players though, you should definitely have a look at the ZX 5-String Fretless Electric Bass Guitar. Featuring a mahogany body, custom Bartolini pickups with a preamp, an asymmetrical neck curve and multiple controls for EQ, treble, mid and volume, this bass has an absolutely enormous tonal range. Crafted to suit all genres, this bass will dominate the stage.

If you're serious about the way you play, then nothing will do but MTD 5-string electric basses. Expertly fashioned with rich tones you have to hear to believe, these basses prove that all the extra effort makes a colossal difference in their overall quality.