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Michael Tobias Design (MTD) has been setting the benchmark for bass guitars for 20 years. Constantly striving to change the rules of what an electric bass should be, Michael Tobias has built a reputation for his incredible talents as a luthier. Respected throughout the industry, MTD bass guitars are truly the pinnacle of excellence. Michael Tobias’ first company, Tobias Guitars, was founded in 1977 in Orlando. Well-known in the music world, Tobias eventually sold the company in 1990 and moved to upstate New York, where the seeds were planted for what would eventually become MTD.

Today, Tobias, along with his son Daniel and friend Charlie Kniceley, build about 10 instruments by hand every month. This is in addition to the models that are manufactured at hand-picked outside facilities. This commitment to quality ensures that when you pick up an MTD bass, you’re picking up the best. They craft bass guitars for players of all skill levels and playing styles, so you will have no trouble finding the perfect one for you. Are you a beginner who is taking the first steps into the music world? Then definitely check out the Kingston Saratoga 4-String Electric Bass Guitar. This J-style bass is a modern re-imagining of a true classic, but at a price that everyone can appreciate. With two MTD passive single coil J-style pickups, this bass can deliver any kind of tone you want, which is great for when you’re honing your craft.

If, on the other hand, you’re already a skilled bassist who is looking for an instrument that is truly something special, check out the Kingston Andrew Gouche Signature 6-String Electric Bass. This incredible 6-string has been built with detailed input from Michael Tobias and legendary bassist Andrew Gouche. The result of this collaboration is a fully loaded instrument with smooth playability and tones that are absolutely out of this world. Simply put, this bass will forever change the way you think about your instrument.

The fact is that regardless of which MTD bass you choose, you are getting an instrument you can be proud of. Whether you’re jamming in the basement or hitting the road for the next world tour, an MTD is the right bass for you.