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Rogue has always focused first and foremost on getting their instruments in the hands of performers. By keeping their quality high and their prices low, a Rogue is great options for bass players who are looking to hold down the rhythm while out on the road with their band. One thing that is great about Rogue bass guitars is that they are exceptionally light weight. The benefit of this is obvious; a lightweight bass is more comfortable to play, meaning you can jam longer with less strain on your neck and shoulders. Another feature that Rogue players are sure to love is that these basses replicate the look and style of some of the most iconic basses of all time. Take the VB100 Violin Bass Guitar, for example. Everyone is sure to recognize the body shape of this fab bass, but it doesn't just look good, with mini humbucker bridge and neck pickups, this bass cranks out deep, resonant tones. Best of all, if you're a lefty like certain other iconic violin bass players, there's a left handed version of this base that will suit you perfectly. Don't let the price of this bass fool you, its playability and sound is on par with the bigger names, but at a fraction of the cost. 

Rogue also offers some fantastic five strings such as the LX405 Series III Pro 5-String Electric Bass Guitar. This bass is crafted with a quilted maple top along with a basswood body and features MM-style humbuckers for a pure, powerful tone. Well-balanced and seriously capable, this is the kind of bass any player would be happy to own.

Rogue crafts instruments for players who want to be heard. It's not about the big name that's stamped on the head, it's about what happens when you flick the switch on your amp and get into the groove. With a Rogue bass, you're going to look great and sound great, and really, what else do you need?