Marcinkiewicz Symphonic Bore Standard Series French Horn Mouthpiece

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The tone, playability, and consistency professionals need.

The Marcinkiewicz Symphonic Bore Standard French Horn Mouthpiece offers the tone, playability, and consistency needed by today's professional symphonic musician.

Marcinkiewicz Standard Mouthpieces come with a specially modified C/V-cup. The modified C/V-cup offers the darker sound of a C-cup with the efficiency of a V-cup. The air stream is channeled through the center of a uniquely designed cup and venturi, through the backbore and directly into the horn to produce the desired sound. The Marcinkiewicz backbore is designed enhance the player's ability to move easily throughout all registers of the instrument with uniformity of timbre and feel.

A mouthpiece with a deeper cup offers a darker sound and a shallower cup offers a brighter sound. The modified C/V-cup mouthpieces can be shallower and still give the player more flexibility and versatility verses the C-cup or V-cup alone. In short, the modified C/V-cup is easier to play and offers an alternative mouthpiece style to a wider range of players.

The Marcinkiewicz goal is to offer players the best quality mouthpiece at each and every stage of their growth: first as a student and throughout their career as a professional musician. Because the facial structure of young students change as they mature, our line of mouthpieces is carefully graduated, allowing students to progress more quickly (and enthusiastically!) as they find the correct "fit" for their changing anatomy. Marcinkiewicz gives players have the means to progress in logical, gradual increments to find the correct mouthpiece for their unique needs.

The Standard Series mouthpieces are arranged in a logical ascending order from deep to shallow and wide to narrow (No.0 to No.15). This arrangement permits players to select mouthpieces by precise increments of depth to find the
correct cup volume required by their situation. As rim size does not directly correspond to cup depth, please observe inside cup diameter for finding optimal response Marcinkiewicz does not offer copies of other brands in this series, but similar items using our own designs. The comparisons are given for
casual references only.


  • French Horn mouthpiece
  • Symphonic backbore
  • Marcinkiewicz's modified C/V-cup design
  • Silver-plated
  • Stable pitch center
  • Dark, rich tone
  • Handles wide dynamic range without buzzing
  • Standard Morse shank taper

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