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A critical and necessary component of brass and woodwind instruments is the mouthpiece. The sound that will ultimately come out of your chosen instrument very much depends on the quality of the mouthpiece that is being used, and whether you’re a pro or a student, it’s essential to the tone that is produced from your instrument. For this very reason, you need to make sure that your instrument is equipped with only the best. Keeping that in mind, it makes perfect sense to go with Denis Wick brass mouthpieces. With many different styles to choose from, each Denis Wick mouthpiece is carefully crafted to ensure a crisp tone, full of clarity and easy control. For trombonists, the Denis Wick Heavytop Trombone Mouthpiece is crafted of silver and gold, is very responsive and is extremely easy to play. If the French horn is your instrument of choice, the Denis Wick DWPAX Paxman French horn mouthpieces are the result of a unique collaboration of talents, including Denis Wick, Paxman Horns and Tim Jones of the London Symphony Orchestra. Together, they combined their efforts to create a mouthpiece with a unique design that produces a sound full of euphoric and rich overtones.

The significance of a mouthpiece should not go overlooked. A mouthpiece that is designed with care and expertise can not only make a student’s progress more noticeable, but they have a chance to experience the joy of creating music to an even higher degree. Great technique and tone can be fully realized by beginners and professionals alike with a mouthpiece that is of the best quality. With Denis Wick brass mouthpieces, you can rest assure knowing that the beautiful music you create will have a tone that’s bursting with life, complete with a clean midrange, and upper harmonics that dance with elation.