Heavy China Cymbals

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Every cymbal has its own unique voice, and delivering that signature sound is a matter of balancing out all the traits that go into making it. Material is important, of course. So is shape. In fact, China cymbals probably have one of the most unusual shapes in the whole cymbal family - along with one of the most distinctive sounds, almost like a miniature gong. And when you take all that trashy tone and pack it into a high-volume, heavyweight cymbal, you're looking at a little powerhouse that'll more than pull its weight in any percussion kit. If it's time to add a cymbal to your setup that can help you steal the show all by itself, one of these heavy China cymbals might be the answer.

Like any other cymbal, you'll find a few different varieties to choose from. For instance, some China cymbals have a square or "conical" bell: the Paiste Rude China is a fine example of that, and it has that bell to thank for a good part of its aggression, power and crash. Most heavy China cymbals are fairly similar, which makes them a natural fit for rock, punk, metal and other genres where turning the volume up to "11" is par for the course. Naturally, there are certain cymbals with more specific designs as well, such as the Meinl Mb20 Rock China Cymbal. It's all about volume, and putting that bad boy on your stand will definitely give you what you need to make yourself heard.

All in all, it's up to you to decide which cymbals will be the best fit for your playing style and musical genre. But if there's one thing that's safe to say, it's that when you want to play it louder and harder, these heavy China cymbals deserve a look. You could even get away with one in a softer environment, too: it just comes down to making it work. For that you're on your own, but with some percussion know-how and a little bit of practice, it can be easier than you'd think to pull it off!