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Even people who aren't musicians will recognize the name Ibanez. That's because they've made a household name for themselves by building amazing guitars that are popular with artists all over the world. They've also got one of the biggest selections of instruments around, so it's no surprise that Ibanez offers a nice range of classical and nylon guitars for the more traditional artists among us. According to Ibanez itself, its goal is to build "high quality, cutting edge musical instruments that any musician can afford and enjoy." That's definitely the case with the classical guitars you'll find here, which can bring excellent tone to any budget. Take the GA1, GA2 and GA3 guitars for example: they're accessible not only to the pocketbook, but also to learning players, with 1/2, 3/4 and full scale sizes to allow young students to grow up with an instrument just the right size for them.

If versatility is the name of the game, take a look at the Ibanez GA35 Thinline Acoustic-Electric Classical Guitar. Everything about this instrument is designed to give you total freedom. For instance, the acoustic-electric platform allows it to be amplified when you need an extra punch of volume to fill a venue. It's got a cutaway body for easy access to every fret and the neck is narrower than a typical classical guitar, making this a perfect crossover instrument if your primary player is a steel-string or electric guitar.

Since Ibanez has always been one of the pioneers of bringing extended-range guitars to the mainstream market, no discussion of their classical and nylon guitars would be complete without mentioning the G208CWCNT. This 8-string classical guitar will definitely turn heads, if not for the sight of its wide neck, then definitely for hearing its outstanding sound. Savarez nylon strings and a solid German spruce top make this guitar a true performer through-and-through.

Being one of the most experienced luthiers in the business definitely shows in the instruments Ibanez has to offer. Their combination of quality, tone and affordability make them a great choice for any guitarist. When you're searching for a new classical or nylon-stringed guitar, Ibanez is absolutely worth a very close look.