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Lightweight, portable, and boasting a distinct look and sound, ZT combo guitar amplifiers are proof that an amp doesn't have be large to be loud. Founded in 2008, ZT is already earning the praise of top-recording guitarists. From Jason Newstead and Jeff Tweedy to John Oates and countless others, ZT's impressive roster of artists clearly shows how renowned their guitar amplifiers are. No doubt, whether you're an indie-folk rocker or a head banging metal shredder, you'll have no problem finding the perfect combo guitar amp in this section.

On first glance, you might think that ZT combo guitar amplifiers are used only as practice tools due to their small appearance, but that couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, ZT's Lunchbox combo guitar amps are changing the way many guitar players think about stage amplifiers, and their Lunchbox Junior model is becoming more and more popular by the day. The next generation of compact professional amplifiers, the Lunchbox JR packs a punch unlike any other amp of its size. At just 5 pounds, the 35-watt Lunchbox JR contains tour-ready specifications and an abundance of features, including adjustable overdrive and 12V compatibility. Excellent for stage and studio use, the Lunchbox JR is ready to make a believer out of anyone who's lucky enough to hear it in action.

ZT also provides cutting-edge amplifiers for acoustic musicians, and the Lunchbox Acoustic is one of their biggest sellers. Loaded with 200 watts of clean power, this flexible two-channel acoustic guitar amp features anti-feedback circuitry, pro-grade reverb, and provides a natural room-filling sound in a variety of settings. From coffee houses to indie clubs, the Lunchbox Acoustic is ideal for today's performing singer-songwriter.

A world leading manufacturer in compact amp technology, ZT is taking the world by storm, and the second you play through one of their combo guitar amps, you'll quickly understand why. So plug in and hear the difference for yourself; you'll agree that a ZT combo guitar amp is just what you need to take your skills to the next level.