Crash Cymbal Pairs

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In a standard drum kit, the crash cymbal sits on a stand and is played with sticks. However, crash cymbals for orchestral purposes come in pairs and are traditionally played by being "crashed" together. From Meinl and Paiste to Sabian and Zildjian, these respected cymbal manufacturers specialize in crash cymbal pairs that boast exceptional dynamic range and can produce a wide array of tone colors. Of course, the right crash cymbal pair for you will depend on what kind of sound you prefer. Whether you prefer a bright, cutting attack with tons of sustain or a darker tone with quicker-decaying sound, you'll find what you're looking for, right here.

A few factors should definitely be considered before you choose a crash cymbal pair - after all, many characteristics will determine a crash cymbal pair's playability and resulting sound, including their diameter size, thickness, and the type of alloy used in their construction. To start your search, check out the Sabian Banda Turca Band & Orchestral Cymbal Pair. A part of Sabian's award-winning HHX Series, this pair has a medium-heavy weight designation and features a large, raw bell and a heavily hammered surface. The result? A cymbal pair that delivers a rich, shimmering sound that can cut through even the loudest concert ensembles.

You'll also find crash cymbal pairs in this catalog that are made in collaboration with world-renowned symphony members. The Zildjian K Symphonic Orchestral Light Brilliant Crash Cymbal Pair is 18" and was created in conjunction with Marc Damoulakis of the Cleveland Orchestra. This pair boasts a one-of-a-kind cluster hammering process for a wide-open sound that feels effortless to play. From their well-balanced attack to their top-notch sustain and traditional finish, this cymbal pair is both a treat on the ears and the eyes.

It should also be noted that the two choices mentioned above are top sellers, and there are many other top-rated items and popular sellers in these pages as well. When it comes to crash cymbal pairs that are made with careful attention to detail and cut from only the finest alloys, you just landed on a goldmine. All you have to do is consider your tonal preferences and your budget and go from there.