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Founded in 1995, Belgium's Stagg produces various musical instruments. The company first made waves when they began exporting Turkish-American-style cymbals from China that could compete with some of the biggest names in the industry. In 2009 they began using new rolling machines and added fresh ranges of cymbals. Offering a diverse selection of brass cymbals, Stagg focuses on quality control and hand-hammering techniques. The company has become known for their budget-friendly cymbals crafted of professionally cast B20 alloy that have remarkably clean tones.

Stagg's lines range from marching to metal. Whether you're opting for a cymbal from the SH Series, the two-tone surface of Furia or a gong from the Traditional Series, Stagg offers a number of choices to help you find cymbals that appeal to your taste and needs. If you're looking to expand your kit and want something a bit different, the Black Metal Bell looks and sounds unique. Metal drummers who like to rock out love how it cuts through the sound of the band. Also great for playing around in your home studio and creating cool effects, this versatile cymbal produces several voices. Each handcrafted bell has a unique shape and personality. The Dual-Hammered Brilliant China is a professional cymbal that is ideal when you play a variety of music. It has an incredibly bright sound, a responsive feel, and is durable enough even for hard hitters. The Single Hammered Series is a good pick if you're a drummer on a tight budget who doesn't want to compromise on performance. The SH Medium Crash gives you a nice sound and is sturdy to boot. Then there's the SH 4-piece Cymbal Pack which is a great way to start building your kit. The package features a medium crash, a medium ride, and a pair of hi-hats authentically handmade and classically cast to enhance your playing with power, touch, and tone adaptable to any music style.

Stagg is a trailblazer when it comes to producing a diverse range of quality brass cymbals that are affordable. Whether you're outfitting a beginning drummer, upgrading your rock kit, or supplying a high school marching band, Stagg's wide selection of handmade cymbals delivers impressive sound that is comparable to other platters, while standing up to the most demanding players.