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In order to turn your computer into a full-fledged digital audio workstation (DAW), you need to choose a DAW software package. Basically, if your computer is the heart of your virtual studio, then your software is the brain. There are more than enough DAW software packages available on today's market, but Cakewalk's options are definitely among the best. Founded in 1987, Cakewalk specializes in DAW software for every skill level and budget. In fact, Cakewalk SONAR is preferred by amateur and professional sound engineers around the world, and you'll find plenty of best-selling SONAR DAW software choices in this section. Since SONAR is Cakewalk's flagship DAW, your best bet is to start your search with a package or download from that series. For example, the SONAR Professional Academic Edition has everything a producer needs in terms of recording, sequencing, effects and mixing. With this software at your disposal, you can record unlimited audio/MIDI tracks. Additionally, it comes with an analog-style ProChannel Strip with 3 FOX, 50 professional mixing and mastering FX and 18 instruments like Z3TA+ Classic. Cakewalk offers a wide range of download upgrades here as well. Need a suggestion? Check out the Cakewalk SONAR Studio version Software Download. This kit will take your registered version of SONAR Studio and upgrade it to a full function version of SONAR Platinum. All you have to do is purchase the download code here and you'll be given even more exceptional tools to weave your production magic. New features include: a new control bar for easier access to your instruments and tools, VocalSync (used to tighten vocals by aligning one part to another) and REmatrix Solo (a streamed, single-layer ProChannel version of the acclaimed REmatrix convolution reverb). The possibilities of what you can do in your producer chair are endless when you're armed with DAW software from Cakewalk. With so many choices to consider, you'll definitely benefit from spending some time here and exploring each download and package thoroughly. Before you know it, you'll be recording, editing, mixing and mastering musical works of art in ways you've never imagined.