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When you think about DJing, the first thing that comes to mind is probably turn tables, records, and dancing, and while all these things are important, it takes a lot more to be a great DJ on the club or festival circuit. You also need what we call the "unsung" equipment. That's where Odyssey DJ Gear comes into play. By offering everything from stands, to caster breaks, to cooling fans, and more, Odyssey is the brand the world's top acts turn to when they need to get their mobile dance party just right. For nearly 20 years, Odyssey has been working to produce industry leading road cases and gear for DJs all around the world. Simply put, if your plan is to take your show on the road, Odyssey is your one stop shop for streamlining load in and load out, as well as keeping your gear safe while in use as well as while it's in storage.

So what Odyssey gear is right for you? Well, that's going to come down to your needs. At the very minimum, every DJ needs a stand, which is why you'll definitely want to check out the ATA Flight Zone Folding Stand for DJ Equipment. This stand is as sturdy as it is compact, making it great for transporting to and setting up in the club. With a clean, professional appearance and a seriously ergonomic setup, this stand is the perfect option for any DJ while they're scratching.

If you're looking for gear that offers plenty of style as well as functionality, the Scrim Werks 4'x6' Triangular Stretch Scrims are a great option for you. These scrims can give your speaker and lighting stands a far more professional look. When paired with wash lighting effects you can add a serious dramatic flair to your stage show; dazzling dance fans as they hit the floor to groove all night long.  

And these are only a few of the options Odyssey provides. As a brand that prides itself on keeping performers covered, Odyssey focuses on the tiny details, so you can concentrate on what's important.