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A live DJ without a mixer is like an electric guitarist without an amplifier. They're essential pieces of equipment to any DJ setup, and club performers around the around often prefer Behringer brand DJ mixers to anything else. Since 1989, Behringer has been a driving force in the world of pro audio equipment and today their line of DJ mixers boasts a diverse range of 2-channel and multi-channel models. Whether you're a hobbyist who gets called upon to DJ the occasional house party, or a respected veteran of your local EDM scene, there's a Behringer DJ mixer for you, right here.

With so many DJ mixers to choose from, it helps to take into consideration your own needs, preferences and budget. For example, if you're looking for something that's not too colossal and easy to travel to and from gigs with, check out the VMX100USB Professional 2-Channel DJ Mixer. Designed to connect directly to your laptop for quick access to all your digital music libraries, this mixer can play and record any digital music file with no setup drivers needed. Along with a built-in USB interface, VCA-controlled faders, 2-band kill EQ and paired with a massive software bundle, the VMX100USB is ideal for any up-and-coming DJ.

Now for all you club professionals, Behringer's selection of multi-channel DJ mixers is certainly worthy of your attention. There are many top-rated items and best sellers available, including the DDM4000 Pro Digital DJ Mixer. This cutting-edge, 32-bit digital DJ mixer has 4 stereo channels and is chock-full of inspiring tools. Additionally, it has an intuitive layout so editing, storing and recalling your settings is a breeze.

Every serious DJ deserves a mixer that highlights their strongest mixing and scratching talents—and as you can see from these choices, Behringer DJ mixers are more than capable of making your skills soar. Along with the models mentioned, be sure to explore the rest of the Behringer DJ mixers available here—you'll know the right one for you when you see it.