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Bulgheroni has long been a respected name amongst double reed musicians, and it's no wonder when you consider how stunning each and every one of their instruments look and sound. Throughout this section, you'll find an impressive assortment of double reed horns that attest only further to Bulgheroni's brilliance. Whether you're an experienced concert performer or an enthusiastic beginner, Bulgheroni has an instrument for anyone who has a desire to share their woodwind skills with an audience.

When it comes to choosing an oboe, it's important to take your skill level - as well as your long-term aspirations - into consideration. Thankfully, Bulgheroni puts the same great deal of love and care into their student oboes as they do their professional models. Featuring heavily silver-plated keys and a Grenadilla wood body, the Student Oboe is a perfect option for any future concertist. From its artistic keywork to its magnificent tone and response, the Student Oboe is an absolute steal given its affordable price.

Now, if you're a veteran of the instrument, you'll definitely want to check out the Professional Model Oboe D'Amore. Assembled with careful attention to even the smallest component, this oboe boasts all the advanced features that any discerning player needs to play complex arrangements. Renowned for its graceful sound and smooth playability, choosing the Professional Model Oboe D'Amore would be an excellent way to reward yourself for all those many years of hard work and practice.

When Luigi Bulgheroni began constructing brass and woodwinds in 1947, it didn't take long before his talents were being recognized by musicians the world over. Today, Bulgheroni's passion for crafting high-quality oboes and English horns continues, and this catalog has more than enough choices to prove it. The simple truth is that Bulgheroni double reed horns are just as much works of art as they are instruments, and anything you choose from their selection will bring you a lifetime of musical fulfillment.