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Bulgheroni brass and woodwinds are known worldwide for their stunning craftsmanship and magnificent tone. In fact, their oboes are considered by many of today's most discerning orchestra performers and concert soloists to be the finest on the market, and their catalog boasts an impressive range of models to choose from. The passionate team of experts at Bulgheroni are always looking for innovative solutions to enhance the potential of those who play their instruments, and it's obvious from the moment you begin playing one of their oboes.

As you browse this section, you'll quickly notice that Bulgheroni makes oboes for both student and professional players, and naturally the right one for you will depend on your current skill level. For those who are already veterans of the stage, the Opera Oboe will certainly make your talents shine to their highest degree at your next performance. Featuring carefully-aged Grenadilla wood and fitted with their special bore design and tone-hole placement, the Opera Oboe has a dark centered tone that perfectly complements this instrument's already stunning looks.

Now, for all you aspiring up-and-comers, check out the Student Oboe. A beautiful instrument at a price that's very affordable, this oboe has a modified conservatory key system and heavily-plated silver keys, while its remarkable sound and response is nothing short of brilliant. After all, even beginners of the oboe deserve to hone their craft with a high-quality instrument, and this model will have you playing in front of an audience in no time.

As you can imagine, Bulgheroni has other oboes available in this selection too, so feel free to dive in and take a look at their options. Whatever you choose, just remember that Bulgheroni has been a respected brass and woodwind manufacture since 1947, so any one of their choices will be sure to put a smile on your face.