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Electronic drummers from around the world are more than familiar with the Roland name. In fact, their extensive lineup of V-drums can be found on stages and in recording studios all over the globe. With that in mind, equipping yourself with one of Roland's innovative speaker systems or personal drum monitors is a sure-fire way of making your virtual drum performance heard clearly by an audience. No doubt, Roland's drum amplifiers are a testament to why they've remained a trusted leader in electronic drums since the '70s, and this catalog has plenty of options.

Electronic drums have never been so versatile and capable of sounding like a regular acoustic kit. Of course, a big reason is because of cutting-edge companies like Roland and their dedication to providing percussionists of all tastes and styles with a realistic drum experience. So which drum amplifier is right for you? That'll depend on your own specific needs. For example, if you have a smaller-sized V-Drum kit, the PM-10 V-Drum speaker system would make an ideal portable companion. Containing a 30-watt amp, a top-notch EQ section, and a 10", 2-way coaxial speaker, this system also allows you to jam along to your favorite songs thanks to the line-in jack for external CD and MP3 players.

Another popular Roland amplifier is the PM-03 personal drum monitor. Stylish and compact, this slim monitor will certainly add a new dimension of sound for V-Drummers who are limited on space. Easy to set up, this monitor is the first 2.1-channel monitor in the PM Series, and boasts a crystal-clear stereo image and low-frequency coverage. Overall, the PM-03 is just what you need to enhance your personal V-Drum sessions.

Every day, more and more drummers are realizing the many upsides of owning electronic kits. Not only are they easier to carry to and from various practices and performances, but they're also optimal for percussionists who live in apartment buildings and need to practice quietly. Simply put, any drummer can benefit from owning electronic drums, and any one of Roland's drum amplifiers in this section would be a great match for your V-Drums.