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For a drum kit to function at its best, you need high quality gear that goes much deeper than the cymbals and skins themselves. From sturdy stools to tightly fastened hardware, the percussion instruments that make up your kit act as a single entity due to the cooperation of many various components. To ensure you are playing at the best of your abilities, these components need to be designed with careful consideration to detail and quality, and it's for this reason that Gibraltar is a name that continues to be trusted by players around the world. Artists as renowned as Mike Byrne of the Smashing Pumpkins, and even Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Matt Sorum are just a couple of the many legendary players who endorse Gibraltar drum and percussion accessories. In fact, the Gibraltar name can be found gracing the biggest stages in the world thanks to their astounding craftsmanship and construction. Whether you're customizing your kit or replacing an existing part, Gibraltar has no shortage of drum and percussion accessories available throughout their immense catalog.

For solid design and great sound, the Gibraltar 9600 Series Pro Hardware Pack comes highly rated. These cymbal stands have a smaller profile, cast hideaway booms with hinged boom memory locks, and double-braced leg assemblies that are superb for multi-stand setups. Another big seller is the Gibraltar Road Series Multi-Clamp. The heavy-duty craftsmanship of this clamp is perfect for mountain toms, accessory arms, and standard 1-1/2" diameter rack tubes.

In order to play your kit comfortably, it needs to consist of the necessary hardware and height adjustments of your various cymbals and drums, so you can keep the groove flowing freely without any troubles or setbacks. With Gibraltar, you can be sure that your drums and percussion instruments are equipped with only the best parts, manufactured by experienced professionals who are as passionate about the drums as you are.