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Strings are essential to defining the tone and playability of any stringed instrument, but that sentiment especially applies to the dulcimer. The reason is because dulcimer strings need to be at the same tension before they're brought to concert pitch - if they're not, then this will put strain on the instrument and eventually start pulling it apart. With that being said, you certainly don't have to worry about the quality of your dulcimer strings if you choose a pack from this section. After all, only leading string manufacturers are offered, including favorites among dulcimer musicians like D'Addario and Martin.

Before choosing a set of dulcimer strings, you'll need to decide whether you want a thinner, lighter gauge or a thicker, heavier one. While lighter string sizes are easier to hold (making them ideal for beginners), they tend to wobble more on the fret. As a string gets thicker, your tension will become higher but your sound will also become fuller and louder.

If you're new to the dulcimer, try a set like the Martin M640 Nickel Alloy Standard Dulcimer Strings. Wound with nickel alloy to precise specifications, these strings are long-lasting, comfortable to play and deliver a very mellow tone. While you're at it, be sure to give the D'Addario J64 Dulcimer 4-String Set a closer look as well. Featuring 3 plain steel strings and one nickel-plated wound on steel string, this set produces a brilliant sound that's extremely consistent across all registers. Whether you're still in the early stages of playing or are a veteran of the instrument, these strings are ideal for every dulcimer skill level.

So go ahead and make your choice! If you're still not sure what type is right for you, grab more than one set (after all, even a high-quality dulcimer string set is inexpensive). From simple strummed melodies to complex picking arrangements, the versatility of the dulcimer makes it a very popular instrument among music lovers of all tastes, and the perfect set of strings for your instrument is only a click or two away.