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DW Collectors Series

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  1. DW Collector's Series Limited Edition Pure Tasmanian Timber Snare Drum, 14x6.5"
    Product Price $1,199.00
  2. DW Collector's Series Black Nickel Over Brass Metal Snare Drum
    Product Price $449.15
  3. DW Collector's Series True-Sonic Snare Drum
    Product Price $598.65
    Open Box:
  4. DW Collector's Series Satin Oil Snare Drum
    Product Price $599.95
  5. DW 6.5x14in Collector's Series Snare Drum Black Nickel Over Brass with Chrome Hardware
    Product Price $449.15
  6. DW Design Series Black Nickel over Brass Snare Drum
    Product Price $289.99
  7. DW Collector's Series Pure Almond 5-Piece Shell Pack with Nickel Hardware, Toasted Almond Burst
    Product Price $7,958.60
  8. DW Collector's Series Satin Oil Snare Drum
    Product Price $618.15
  9. DW SSC Collector's Series 4-Piece Exotic Maple Shell Pack with 22" Bass Drum and Chrome Hardware
    Product Price $5,582.20
  10. DW SSC Collector's Series 4-Piece Shell Pack
    Product Price $3,523.00
  11. DW Collector's Series Icon Terry Bozzio "The Black Page" Snare Drum
    Product Price $1,499.55
  12. DW Collector's Series Purpleheart Lacquer Custom Snare Drum with Chrome Hardware
    Product Price $717.31
  13. DW Collector's Series 3-Piece Shell Pack with 24" Bass Drum
    Product Price $3,211.65
  14. DW Collector's Series 4-Piece Shell Pack w/20" Bass Drum
    Product Price $3,575.00
  15. DW Collector's Series Lacquer Custom Oak 4-Piece Shell Pack
    Product Price $4,451.27
  16. DW Collector's Series Satin Oil 5-Piece Shell Pack
    Product Price $4,516.20
  17. DW Collector's Series Satin Oil 5-Piece Shell Pack
    Product Price $4,516.20
  18. DW Performance Series Snare
    DW Performance Series Snare
    Product Price $389.99
  19. DW Collector's Series 4-Piece Shell Pack with 23" Bass Drum
    Product Price $3,754.40
  20. DW Collector's Series 4-Piece Shell Pack
    Product Price $3,523.00
  21. DW Collector's Series Jim Keltner ICON Snare Drum
    Product Price $1,499.55
  22. DW Performance Series Steel Snare Drum
    DW Performance Series Steel Snare Drum
    Product Price $349.99
  23. DW Collector's Series FinishPly Snare Drum
    Product Price $599.95
  24. DW Collector's Series Pure Almond Snare Drum with Nickel Hardware, Toasted Almond Burst
    Product Price $957.96
  25. DW Collector's Series American Flag Logo Snare Drum with Nickel Hardware
    Product Price $1,246.96
  26. DW Collector's Series Stainless Steel Snare Drum with Chrome Hardware
    Product Price $484.25
    Open Box:
  27. DW Collector's Series Limited Edition Pure Tasmanian Timber 6-Piece Shell Pack
    Product Price $7,870.00
  28. DW Collector's Series 4-Piece Exotic SSC Shell Pack Natural Lacquer Mahogany Feather with Chrome Hardware
    Product Price $5,582.20
    Open Box:
  29. DW Collector's Series Brass Snare Drum
    Product Price $579.15
  30. DW SSC Collector's Series 5-Piece Finish Ply Shell Pack with 22" Bass Drum and Chrome Hardware
    Product Price $4,516.20
  31. DW SSC Collector's Series 4-Piece Finish Ply Shell Pack with 24" Bass Drum with Satin Chrome Hardware
    Product Price $4,329.33
  32. DW SSC Collector's Series 4-Piece Finish Ply Shell Pack with 24" Bass Drum and Chrome Hardware
    Product Price $3,935.75
  33. DW SSC Collector's Series 3-Piece Finish Ply Shell Pack with Chrome Hardware
    Product Price $3,071.90
  34. DW Collector's Series 3-Piece Satin Oil Shell Pack with Chrome Hardware
    Product Price $2,782.65
  35. DW Collector's Series Purpleheart 7-Piece Lacquer Specialty Shell Pack Natural to Black Burst with Black Nickel Hardware
    Product Price $8,293.54
  36. DW Collector's Series Reverse Edge Snare Drum
    Product Price $1,335.75
  37. DW Collector's Series 4-Piece Lacquer Specialty Shell Pack
    Product Price $4,664.40
  38. DW Collector's Series Satin Specialty 5-Piece Shell Pack
    Product Price $4,875.65
  39. DW Collector's Series 5-Piece Shell Pack
    Product Price $4,516.20
  40. DW Collector's Series 5-Piece Shell Pack
    Product Price $4,563.65
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About DW Collector's Series Drums

DW, or the Drum Workshop, is one of the most respected drum manufacturers among professional and amateur drummers alike. From humble beginnings to its current position as a drumming leader, DW offer sets for drummers of all different styles and skill levels, with the DW Collector's Series being the top of the line in both quality and sound. Founded in 1972 as a teaching studio by Don Lombardi, DW’s headquarters originally included a small sales department to cover the costs of operation. Demand for their products quickly outgrew demand for their teaching and DW eventually moved to manufacturing full time. Today, DW drum kits are used by some of the most well-known drummers in the world. From punk rockers like Bad Religion’s Brooks Wackerman, to indie rockers like Will Berman of MGMT, to full on rock legends like Dave Grohl, DW drums have been behind the beats of some of the world’s most memorable songs.

DW Collector's Series Drum Sets

The DW Collector's Series are elite drums for serious players. Whether you’re buying an entire kit, or just upgrading individual pieces of hardware, you can rest assured that you’re playing top of the line gear. That said, there are different options available to you to make sure you’re also playing the best gear for your style. DW Collector's Series drum sets come in different configurations, such as 3-piece, 4-piece, and 5-piece sets. The more elaborate the setup you need is directly related to the music you’re playing. If it’s a basic, four on the floor backbeat, you probably won’t need a 5-piece set, but if you’re playing progressive rock in distinct time signatures, you’ll want a large kit to make the most out of your rhythms. One thing is for sure, when you invest in DW Collector's Series drums, you’re investing in the best. Their reputation and track record as a leader in the industry speaks for itself. Trusted by drummers worldwide, it’s time for you to experience the modern sound and vintage warmth of DW Collectors Series drums.

Customizable drums that represent a pinnacle in boutique-style drum making. DW's flagship line, the Collector's Series, are the original US-made custom drums. For years, drum makers, including DW, have preferred maple for its resonant tonal qualities. Maple is a traditional shell material that provides low-end punch, warmth and attack. Most DW Collector's Series drum sets feature North American maple shells with 3-ply reinforcement hoops. Toms 8-13" are typically 6-ply, while 14" and bigger are 7-ply. Bass drums are 7-ply and snare drums are 10-ply (with 6-ply reinforcement hoops). Many Collector's Series shell packs also feature Vertical Low Timbre (VLT) shells. VLT is a DW special feature which involves arranging grain patterns of shell plies so the outermost and innermost plies run vertically versus the traditional horizontal. This provides less tension on the shell for greater resonance.

DW Collector's drum kits also feature DW's patented STM (suspension tom mount) system, which allows drums to vibrate independently, allowing maximum resonance while securely holding the drum in place. Because there are no washers or grommets inhibiting the lug rod receiver, choking is reduced and tuning is as easy as ever. To give drummers even more control over their sound, DW created its patented True-Pitch rod system. The rods feature 5mm threads rather than the 12/24 that' standard on most other drums. To compare, there is 1 thread every 0.8mm on True-Pitch rods (about 20% more threads), versus 1 thread every 1.05mm on most other drums. The result is a more exacting tuning process.

DW Collector's Series Snare Drums

DW Collector's Series Icon Snare Drums

Created by DW Drum Designer, John Good, to pay tribute to some of the most iconic drummers in the history of rock, DW Icon snare drums honor Neil Peart of Rush, Roger Taylor of Queen, and Nick Mason of Pink Floyd. The snare drum sizes and configurations are as played by each artist, with one dramatic new design element. The finish is painstakingly laser-cut, then hand-inlayed from a variety of jaw-dropping exotic wood veneers.

For Nick Mason's Dark Side of the Moon snare drum, the motif is realistically recreated in the wood and complemented by black nickel hardware to bring out the luster of the maple burl. The limited edition 14" x 6-1/2" Mick Fleetwood "Rumours" Icon Snare Drum features a background of highly figured curly maple and is meticulously hand-inlayed with multiple John Good-selected exotic woods. The HVLT shell is crafted from 10 plies of American rock maple. Only 250 of these drums will ever be made. Each drum is protected with clear gloss lacquer and includes Collector's Series snare drum standard features such as the MAG throw-off system with 3P (3 position) butt-plate, True-Hoops, True-Tone snare wires, True-Pitch tuning, and DW Heads by Remo USA. Also included are a premium DW snare bag, certificate of authenticity, and a legend that describes the woods used for each specific drum.

A one-of-a kind Collector's Series R40 snare drum crafted from a plethora of laser-cut exotic woods: the Neil Pearl Rush Icon R40 snare drum. DW Drum Designer John Good and longtime Rush drummer Neil Peart have teamed up to create a one-of-a kind R40 kit crafted from Romanian River Oak and intricate laser-cut exotic woods. To commemorate Rush' 40th Anniversary and the making of the R40 kit, a limited number of 250 replica Icon snare drums will be produced. The 14x6-1/2", 13-ply VLT oak shell is sealed in clear, high-gloss lacquer and complemented by gold-plated hardware. A signed-and-numbered certificate of authenticity and deluxe carrying bag will accompany each drum and a percentage of the proceeds will benefit Neil's charity of choice.

DW Collector's Series Exotic Monogram Snare Drums

Collector’s Series Exotic Monogram snare drums are hand-crafted at the DW Custom Shop in California and feature 11-ply North American Hard Rock Maple shells with exclusive HVLT technology and laser-cut, exotic wood vintage shield inlays. Choose from two distinct African Bubinga and Birdseye Maple themes, Natural Gloss Lacquer or hand-rubbed Natural Satin finish, 5 available drum hardware colors and a variety of popular sizes. Each drum is also outfitted with a MAG Throw-Off, 3P (3 position butt plate), True-Tone Snare Wires, True-Hoops and DW Heads by Remo U.S.A. Heavy-duty snare bag and John Good-signed certificate of authenticity also included.

They're available in two exotic finishes, hand-rubbed natural satin or natural glass lacquer. The five sizes available are 14x5, 14x5.5, 14x6, 14x6.5, and 14x7. The five hardware options are chrome, nickel, black nickel, satin chrome, and gold. Each snare includes a deluxe padded DW case and a personalized certificate of authenticity signed by John Good.

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