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Effects cymbals are, in a lot of ways, very similar to effects pedals for any electrical instrument. They allow you to add interesting flourishes and characteristics to your drumming and go a long way in helping you stand out as a talented performer and player. As a family of cymbals, effects cymbals offer a wide assortment of sounds depending on how you use them. Because they are so diverse, it's important that you choose effects cymbals that are made by a brand that are trusted throughout the industry. Paiste is one such brand. With over a century of experience crafting an impressive line of cymbals, they have become one of the most well-regarded and respected names throughout the music world.

Just take a look at some of the performers that trust their cymbal setups to Paiste and you'll no doubt be convinced. New school and old school performers alike, such as Mikkey Dee of Motorhead, like Patrick Carney of the Black Keys, Frank Beard of ZZ Top, Kurt Dahle of the New Pornographers, Stewart Copeland of the Police, Larry Mullen Jr. of U2 and Alex Van Halen of the mighty Van Halen all insist on Paiste cymbals, so it makes perfect sense that you should as well.

The only question you need to ask yourself is which effects cymbals are best suited to your needs? There's a great variety available in this section, so your best bet may be simply to start by checking out our best sellers. For example, the 2002 Cup Chime 5-piece Cymbal Set is a great collection of effects that add serious sparkle to your set's tone. Bright, warm and full, these effects cymbals are well suited to almost every playing style.

Another top notch effect available here is the Signature Mega Cup Chime Cymbal. This unusual cymbal is great for those who like their sound to really stand out. With a metallic sound and narrow range, this cymbal is well suited for strong color accents as well as various percussion effects. You can be sure that people will remember your drumming with this effects cymbal as part of your setup.

And these are only a small sampling of the effects cymbals Paiste has to offer you. Whether you're looking for your first effects cymbal or are building on your already impressive collection, if you go with Paiste, you know you're going with the best.