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From the amp you're using to your guitars pickups, many factors come into play when it comes to shaping your guitar sound. However, effects pedals can also play a huge role in sculpting your guitar style, and these days you'll find no shortage to choose from. The trick is finding a pedal that not only is capable of producing the sound you aspire to attain, but also holds up through countless hours of usage. For this, the quality and durability you need can be found in an effects pedal courtesy of AMT Electronics.

Throughout AMT's catalog of superbly crafted pedals, you'll find an exceptional range of effects that are specifically made to emulate certain sounds. In fact, AMT effects are continually praised and championed by professional musicians from around the world, thanks to their innovative, standard-breaking tones and designs. Whether you're looking for a classic wah-wah effect or a heavy 70's fuzz, you can be sure that AMT has what you're looking for.

One of AMT Electronics top sellers is the Legend Amps Series B1 Distortion guitar effects pedal. The amazing high gain of this pedal is superior to any other of its kind, the tone is tremendously aggressive. For heavy guitar players, this pedal will knock the socks off of anyone in its way. Another amazing choice is the AMT Electronics Legend Amps Series P1 Distortion guitar effects pedal. Rich and full in tone, this pedal was made to recreate the tones of the classic Peavey 5150. Clear, crunchy and well-defined, you'll have powerful American rock tones right at your feet when you go with this monster.

You can be an experienced shredder who's searching for an original tone, or a novice player who's trying to replicate the sounds of your favorite artists... either way, AMT has the perfect effects pedal for you. Consistently blowing away their competition, AMT Electronics have set a new standard of heavy guitar tone, and incorporating one of their guitar effects pedals into your setup will only make your performance even stronger.