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About AMT Electronics:

There are plenty of ingredients that contribute to any guitar performance, including your amplifier, pickups and, of course, your own playing style. But one of the biggest roles is undeniably played by effects pedals, which can make an enormous difference in your sound, and using them is essentially an art form in itself. That's why it's important to have great pedals that not only deliver impressive results, but also have the durability to stand up to gig after gig. For that, AMT Electronics is a top contender, with a range of pedals designed to be put through their paces on the stage.

AMT's biggest strength is their assortment of modeling and preamp pedals, like the Tube Guitar Series SS-20 Guitar Preamp. Yes, you read that right - and, no, it's not just a name. There is actually a 12AX7 preamp tube wrapped up in this stompbox, which gives you access to the kind of tone only a tube can produce, even if you're using a solid-state amp head or playing through a PA system. Another standout is the Chameleon Cab Speaker Cabinet Simulator Pedal, which can give you the unique sounds of different cabinets without having to lug an entire collection of speakers around with you.

If you're a bass player, don't fret: AMT Electronics haven't forgotten about you. Check out the BC-1 Bass Crunch Bass Preamp for an example of their rock-solid effects options for bassists. With the BC-1, you get two tube-emulating overdrive modes ("clean" and "drive") along with deep EQ editing. Each of the main channels has a whole slew of adjustments to give you total command of the tone, and with the blend control, you can mix the two channels however you choose.

There are lots of guitar and bass effects pedals out there, but there's only one AMT. Committed to building outstanding pedals that can take the heat of the stage and keep on bringing the performance, AMT Electronics are absolutely top picks to add to any pedalboard, whatever your genre or playing style.