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Modern electronic music would be drastically different had it not been for the innovative ideas concocted by Robert Moog. Since he began constructing his very first synthesizer system in 1964, Moog's reputation for state-of-the-art musical equipment has been growing consistently larger by the day. Now, the Moog name can be found gracing the biggest stages and recording studios worldwide.

With a history as rich as Moog's, you can bet that each and every one of their effects pedals are superior in design and provide a lifetime of inspiration to the creative process. In fact, Moog's catalog of effects pedals cover everything from compression and sustain effects to phasers, talk boxes, overdrive, delay pedals and even pitch shifters. There's simply no telling what a musician can aspire to when they're equipped with one of Moog's many first-rate effects pedals.

For an unlimited amount of new sounds, check out the Moog MF-102. This ring modulator is a direct descendent of the original Moog modular synthesizer. Incredibly versatile and extremely responsive, this modulator has immaculate sound quality, and it's perfect for both live performances and professional recording. Another superb option is the MF-107 FreqBox. Containing a VCO with continuously variable waveshape, his pedal gives you the capability of exploring uncharted new territories of sound, and it comes highly recommended to synth players.

The further a musician progresses, the easier it gets to unlock new sounds and incorporate new concepts into their performance. However, you don't have to be the greatest musician to have fun with effects pedals. It's for this reason that Moog continues to be so renowned and respected by top touring artists, as well as amateur bedroom recording enthusiasts. Moog aims at motivating and inspiring players from all skill levels to delve into their playing abilities and seek freaky new worlds of sonic bliss, so you can be sure that Moog has a perfect effects pedal for you.