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Originally founded in 1990, NS Design has well over two decades of experience building world-class instruments. It all started when the company's founder, Ned Steinberger, turned his love for woodworking into a business of building guitar bodies. From there, he expanded to crafting complete bass guitars and NS Design was born. Although they make a number of other instruments today, these were the ones that got the company off the ground, and NS Design electric bass guitars are still the flagship products in the lineup. If you've been searching for a bass that's built with uncompromising passion and attention to detail, you'll find it right here.

If you're looking for a four-string model, the NS Design CR4 series is the way to go. There are two versions to choose from: the CR4 Electric Bass Guitar for a traditional playing experience, or the CR4 Fretless Electric Bass Guitar if you want to make things a little more interesting by doing away with the frets. Each one offers meticulous European craftsmanship, with tons of NS Design innovations like the Fusion neck, Diradial body and custom pickups and tuning system. The CR4 integrates all the design elements seamlessly, resulting in an instrument that's incredibly balanced and an absolute joy to play.

When you want to take things up one more notch, check out the CR5 RADIUS Bass Guitar and the CR5 RADIUS Fretless Bass Guitar. They have the same amazing feature set as the CR4 models, but with a fifth string to add even more versatility. A CR5 is everything we love about all NS Design basses, raised to a whole new level with extended range. And since you still have the choice of fretted or fretless, there's plenty of freedom to play it your way.

Designed to be the most dynamic, versatile and just plain exciting basses possible, NS Design electric basses are really firing on all cylinders. Designed and built with performance and playability as the top priorities, these instruments are fantastic choices no matter your genre or playing style. They're everything a great bass should be, and that's the simple reason why NS Design deserves careful consideration when it's time to add a new instrument to your collection.