NS Design Bass

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Since it was started in 1990, NS Design has been dedicated to the vision of its founder, Ned Steinberger. He had an interest in woodworking from a young age, so it was a natural progression to making guitar bodies and then developing a passion for electric instruments. Ned's first successful instrument was a bass guitar and bowed instruments have always been high on his priority list, so it's no surprise that some of the most iconic instruments made by NS Design today are electric double basses and bass guitars. If you're an orchestral bassist, you should certainly take a close look at the NS Design NXT Electric Double Bass. This instrument comes in four and five-string versions, so you have the flexibility to choose standard or extended range. Ned Steinberger always sought to challenge the idea that electric bowed instruments should sound exactly like acoustic ones, and that principle is evident with the NXT series. You'll find that you can get some amazing sounds out of this instrument's "Polar Pickup System," especially if you choose to add effects pedals to your setup.

For the rockers and rollers among us, NS Design makes some truly unique bass guitars as well. The first thing you'll probably notice looking at a model like the CR5 RADIUS Bass Guitar is that it has no head - at least, not a traditional one. That's because NS Design has built a special tuning machine into the body itself. Adapted from their violin designs, it's a self-clamping, high-precision, tool-less system that's fast and straightforward to use. Combine that with the super-comfortable body shaping and dual magnetic/piezo pickup system, and you've definitely got an incredible bass guitar on your hands.

With their revolutionary electric instruments, NS Designs really sets the standard when it comes to innovation for the double bass and bass guitar. Any of these instruments is a great choice, giving you beautiful design, high-end pickups, unique tuning systems and tons of other features that make them some of the best-looking and best-sounding electric basses anywhere.