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Electric Cellos

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Although it's been a popular instrument in classical music for hundreds of years, the main hurdle many cellists have to deal with is their instrument's sheer size. This is one limitation, among others, that makes the violoncello's modern counterpart, the electric cello, so appealing. It comes in many different sizes and designs, but all of them are more compact, lighter weight and much easier to transport between venues and lessons. Maybe even more importantly, they offer opportunities for unique, revolutionary sounds and techniques that only an electric instrument can provide.

A great option for someone with limited space is a chincello like the Bellafina Electric Chincello Outfit. This compact instrument gives you tone of full-sized cello when plugged into any small instrument amp, making it ideal for tight pit performances and practice spaces or simply to enhance portability. It also helps musicians smoothly transition from a playing a similarly-sized instrument like the violin or viola.

If, however, you enjoy the size and feel of an acoustic cello but are looking for the volume control and other perks of an electric instrument, the Bridge Draco Series 4-String Electric Cello may be the right fit for you. This instrument is easy to transition to from an acoustic cello in terms of playability and responds well to different bowing techniques and strikes. It even has the added bonus of adjustable volume to go from solitary practice to performances easily.

There are even 5-string electric cellos for fans of the acoustic counterpart, such as the NS Design CR Series 5-String Electric Cello. This slim instrument features a solid maple body and neck as well as an ebony fingerboard for beauty and playability. Meanwhile, the bridge-mounted Polar pickup system can sense both vertical and lateral string vibration, meaning both plucked and bowed notes are even and sustained, and the attack and decay can be controlled exceptionally well.

Whether your interest in electric cellos is for the compact size or for the features they offer, you're sure to be able to find your ideal instrument right here. From natural-sounding imitations of an acoustic tone to exciting new auditory experiments, an electric cello is a modern, versatile take on its much-loved acoustic counterpart.