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The DR Strings commitment to quality is unlike any other. Determined to produce the best strings possible, DR crafts each of their strings by hand. It is their firmly held belief that handmade strings sound better than their machine wound counterparts, and for over 20 years DR has been tireless producing some of the best electric guitar strings the world has ever had the pleasure of hearing.  DR Strings have established themselves as the producers of go-to strings for hobbyists and professionals alike. A brief look at some of the musicians who have used DR Strings over the years is enough to realize that their products are truly top-tier. Artists such as the incomparable metal master Dimebag Darrel, modern rockers such as Muse and Coheed & Cambria, as well as indie darlings Vampire Weekend all have trusted their sound to DR Strings. The immense diversity in the artists who choose DR Strings is, without a doubt, a testament to their quality.

DR Strings make a variety of strings for any playing style, so you’ll be sure to find the type of strings you need in this section. If you’re looking for strings that will really help you stand out on stage, you should definitely take a look at the extremely popular line of colorful NEON strings. These colorful strings actually glow under UV light, giving your performance a truly out-of-this-world look. But don’t worry, these coated strings don’t just look and sound great, they’re also built to last. This means that their lifespan is usually three to four times as long as their uncoated counterparts, so you can focus specifically on the music.

Earlier we mentioned how Pantera’s legendary guitarist Dimebag Darrel played DR Strings, and if you’re interested in replicating his incredible sound, you can with Hi-Voltage Dimebag Darrel signature series strings. As Darrel himself has said, "[These strings] are great for everything, from big ol’ string bends, to huge whammy bar dives, perfect for blood curdling harmonic screams and just straight out heavy chunky riffin’." We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

DR Strings have always been a cut above. Whether you’re looking for colorful strings to wow at your artist showcase, or just a basic set to jam on at home, your DR  electric guitar strings are always going to outshine the competition, making them an absolute must-have