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When Daisy Rock guitars began its revolutionary journey back in 2000, it didn't take long before they were championed by female musicians for their incredible tone, feminine design and lightening-speed playability. Every day, more and more musicians are discovering the exceptional look and sound of Daisy Rock electric guitars. And throughout their massive selection of guitar models, any aspiring rock goddess will surely find an axe that perfectly suits their own musical tastes and playing style.

From classic shaped models like the Stardust Venus, to entry-level guitars like the Debutante Daisy, Daisy Rock has a guitar for female players of all skill levels and budgets. In fact, many of today's biggest up and comers are proud users of Daisy Rock guitars, including Jonnie and Brookie, Morningwood, Sugarland, and countless others.

Daisy Rock has no lack of popular choices and big sellers, including the Debutante Star short scale electric guitar. Made of select wood with a bolt-on maple neck, this cosmic purple guitar is extremely comfortable for younger players, and the electronics are simple, with a single Daisy Rock humbucker controlled with one chrome volume knob. Daisy Rock also has signature models endorsed by many famous musicians, and the Bangles signature model electric guitar is a tremendous example. With its jangly tone, vintage mini-humbuckers and slim rock maple neck, you couldn't find a more fitting tribute to the legendary all-female band whose name is proudly emblazoned on the pickguard.

New guitar rock icons are born every day. And thanks to Daisy Rock's continuous goal of empowering girls to pick up the electric guitar, it's safe to say that we have a lot more future legends to look forward to. Daisy Rock takes pride in giving young female musicians the opportunity to showcase their greatest skills both easily and comfortably, and one of their beautifully crafted electric guitars would make an ideal option to anyone who has a drive to share their musical talents with the world.