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A throwback to the more glamorous, retro-style of music, every Italia electric guitar is something special. Based mostly on 1950s and 60s styles of guitar, these instruments only look vintage, sporting advanced electronics, allowing them to do a lot of what their original counterparts could only dream of. Beautiful to look at and even more beautiful to listen to, these electric guitars will pull you in and never let go.

When browsing the selection here, the first thing you'll probably notice are the absolutely stellar designs. Inspired by instruments from around the world, each of these electric guitars offers something different so it's definitely worth your time to explore them all. For example, the Maranello SP Electric Guitar is based on the classic Swedish Hagström and features two WHHB Wilkinson humbucker pickups with a 3-way selection toggle, a korina body with a set-in maple neck and a race car striped design that reflects its outstanding playability. On the other hand, the sparkling Modena Classic Electric Guitar was inspired by the Italian Crucianelli for a look that's pure rock n' roll. It features three Wilkinson WMH mini humbuckers, an agathis wood body with a hard maple neck and a special blend control to give you 7 pickup combinations allowing it to play like nothing else before it. Ultra smooth, you'll never want to put it down.

With a full lineup of solid body, semi-hollow and hollow body options to choose from, you'll feel like you went back in time as you look over each of these artistic instruments. Versatile, vintage and made to be played, Italia offers something for every type of player.

Played by headlining musicians all over the plant, Italia electric guitars are celebrated far and wide. Just look at the top artists that use them: the legendary Chris Rea, The Car's Elliot Easton, Eon Sinclair of Bedouin Soundclash, Whitey Kirst of Iggy Pop, Boz Boorer of Morrissey, and so many others. So if you want to change not only the way you sound on stage, but also the way you look, all you need to do is pick up an Italia.