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For Parker Guitars, playing is all about precision. Getting the sound you want with each note you play is absolutely crucial, which is why they've focused most of their design efforts on just that. Edgy in attitude and unmatched in playability and responsiveness, these electric guitars have changed the way people play and make guitars.

When browsing this section, do yourself a favor and start with the world famous Fly. Parker's breakthrough instrument, this guitar has been played by some of the all-time greats. There are several different models of the Fly, but you'll be especially impressed with the Fly Artist Guitar. Incredibly versatile, allowing you to play any genre of music with ease, this guitar features a lightweight Sitka spruce body, two custom DiMarzio humbuckers with a 6-element Fishman piezo system, and split stereo or summed mono output. It also has a 3-way mag/piezo switch and a 3-way mag selector switch allowing you to modify your sound even further, making it the perfect instrument for every type of player.

You'll also find several other lineups in this section, rounding out the best of what Parker Guitars has to offer. The Nightfly, MaxxFly, PDF, and Fly Mojo all bring something different to the table in terms of tone and play, so exploring all your options to find the one that best suits your style is definitely worth your time.

Musicians from all genres and walks of life are realizing quickly the impact a Parker Guitars electric guitar can have on their play. Legendary guitarist Vernon Reid of Living Colour, Grammy recognized Anand Bhatt, composer Dan Mumm, CKY hard rocker Deron Miller, and many others all strap on a Parker when they take to the stage. So if you're ready to dominate each performance and leave crowds screaming for more, these guitars were made for you.