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If you're looking for a guitar that stands out from the competition visually and tonally, then an axe from Parker Guitars is an unbeatable choice. As stunning and stylish as the artists who shred on them, these guitars are American-made to meet the highest standards. From playability to stage presence to amazing sound, nothing is overlooked in the Parker Guitar workshop. Whether you're looking for a smooth, jazzy guitar or an axe with serious attitude, Parker's selection is sure to offer the perfect fit. All you need to do is find it! If you're new to the electric guitar, consider making your debut with the PDF30 Dual Humbucker model. Its twin humbucking pickups and solid mahogany body pour out unbelievable tone, with a tune-o-matic bridge that helps keep every string at the perfect pitch.

All of Parker's guitars could be called "high-end," but if you're searching for the best of the best, then you might step up to something like the DragonFly DF824. This 6-string electric guitar is definitely a looker with its carved alder body. You can explore entirely new chord possibilities with the six strings, and they're backed up by a combo humbucker/single/single pickup layout as well as a Fishman piezo at the bridge. With the extended range and pickup options, this guitar is a dream come true if you like to experiment.

The guitars that put Parker on the map are the Fly series, so there's a pretty good chance that's what you're here to see. In that case, take a good long look at everything in the lineup, from the Fly Artist Guitar to the Fly Mojo MIDI. Lightweight and so much fun to play, these axes come fully loaded with high-end materials and electronics. Custom pickups and one-of-a-kind body shapes make the Fly series easy to recognize by ear and by sight.

If you're on the fence about Parker guitars, don't be. They've hit the stage with artists like Anand Bhatt, winner of a Latin Grammy award, and Adian Belew, who's played for Frank Zappa and David Bowie. Those are some impressive credentials for any instrument, and they're just two of many world-class musicians who trust in Parker to help them perform every time they take the stage.