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American-made, Parker Guitars solid body electric guitars are as distinct as the artists that use them. Made famous for their Fly Series of guitars, Parker continues to push their instruments, focusing on playability, unique design and stellar tone. If you’re looking to stand out everywhere you perform, then you’re looking for a Parker electric guitar. If you’re just being introduced to electric guitar, Parker has you covered with the PDF30 Dual Humbucker Electric Guitar. Featuring a mahogany body, dual humbucker pickups and a tune-o-matic bridge, this guitar gives you everything you need to learn to shred.

Looking for something a little more advanced? Then you need to see the DragonFly DF824 Electric Guitar. Absolutely stunning in appearance, this carved alder 6-string features state-of-the-art electronics, a humbucker/single/single pickup configuration with an extra Fishman piezo pickup in the bridge, and a custom cast-aluminum vibrato bridge with stainless steel saddles. Versatile in tone, this guitar definitely sounds as good as it looks.

If you’re here for the Fly Series though, you’ll definitely love the guitars featured here. From the Fly Artist Guitar to the Fly Mojo MIDI Electric Guitar, these are the lightweight instruments that put Parker on the map. Crafted of top-quality materials, advanced electronics, custom pickups, and with their instantly recognizable angled body wing, your sound will simply soar.

With a list of headlining musicians that’s as diverse in style as Parker Guitars’ themselves, it’s no wonder Parker has garnered world-wide acclaim. Adian Belew of Frank Zappa and David Bowie, Latin Grammy-winning Anand Bhatt, and top guitarist/composer Dan Mumm represent just a small sample of the artists that perform with a Parker. If you want to join those ranks, Parker solid body electric guitars are the perfect place to start.