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In the world of drums and percussion, Zildjian is a name that's respected around the world. For this reason, it only makes sense that they would also specialize in cymbals for electronic drum sets. With their ability to sound, respond and play just like a traditional cymbal but at a lower volume, Zildjian's Gen16 cymbals represent a new age in electronic drums.

From hi-hats and crashes to splashes and rides, Zildjian's Gen16 acoustic-electric cymbals allow electronic drummers to hone their craft as they would on a regular acoustic kit. In fact, they can even be played with sticks, rods and mallets, making them a perfect choice for musicians who need to warm up backstage or late at night in their apartment.

So where do you begin your search? The choice is yours, but an excellent place to start is with the Gen16 Buffed Bronze crash cymbal. Featuring a stunning finish that helps to produce a richer and warmer tone than the original nickel-plated cymbal, this crash has up to 70% less SPL than a regular crash, and it can easily accommodate jingles, rivets and other metal fixtures as well.

Another big seller is the Gen16 acoustic-electric cymbal pick-up. Easy to install, this state-of-the-art pickup enables you to mix and control the sound of your cymbals by using the tone models and effects that are contained in the Gen16 controller module. Specifically designed to accompany the Gen16 acoustic kit, these dual condenser mics will capture every articulation of your performance.

Thanks to the never-ending leaps and bounds made in technology, innovative companies like Zildjian continue to turn their inventive ideas into realities, and their line of acoustic-electric cymbals are a great example. Whether you're a touring professional or a stay-at-home hobbyist, there's no telling what Zildjian Gen16 cymbals can do for your electronic drum routine.