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Today's electronic drum kits have the ability of sounding just like acoustic sets. And now, thanks to innovative percussion companies like Zildjian, electronic cymbals can not only sound like real ones, but feel like them as well. Zildjian is proud to introduce their new line of Gen16 acoustic-electric cymbals, and you'll find an impressive range to choose from, right here.

Zildjian Gen16 acoustic-electric cymbals are a perfect example of how far e-drums have come. Featuring dual pickups that feed into a controller module with DCP, Gen16 cymbals allow you to control your volume while enjoying the look, feel and sound of a regular cymbal. This also means you can now use sticks, rods and mallets in your e-drum performance, which cymbal triggers never allowed for.

From rides and splashes to hi-hats and crashes, this catalog is bursting with ways to broaden the horizons of your electronic drum experience. For example, check out the Gen16 Buffed Bronze 368DS acoustic-electric cymbal pack. Featuring the reduced volume cymbals, a direct source pickup, the digital cymbal processor and cables with mounting accessories, this pack is ideal for both studio recordings and smaller gigs.

This section also has plenty of Gen16 accessories, including cymbal controllers, cables, and direct sound pickups. In fact, the acoustic-electric cymbal dampener kit is a big seller. By placing it into any AE cymbal hole, this rubber pin is a simple way to shorten decay and reduce overtone. Additionally, you can also create the sound of a rivet by replacing the supplied rubber damper with a washer. Functional and easy to use, this kit is a great accessory for any e-drummer to own.

Electronic drums are growing in popularity, and it's no wonder why when you consider the many technological advances made in how they are designed. Whether you're warming up backstage or having a late night practice in a residential area, any electronic drummer can benefit from incorporating Zildjian Gen16 cymbals into their routine.