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Product Price  $39.99
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Product Price  $39.99
Good Condition

Founded in 1989 on the idea that all drummers should have access to better electronics, stronger materials and a superior drumming experience overall, Pintech rapidly grew into a manufacturing juggernaut of electronic drums and parts. Preferred by artists world-wide and having appeared on some of the most recognized tracks of all-time, Pintech drums definitely live up to their lofty goals. Constantly innovating to bring you best, Pintech continue to be trail-blazers in the world of electronic drums.

Whether you're in need of a full kit or just individual parts to enhance your setup, you'll find it here. If you're looking for a kit and are just picking up the sticks for the first time, start by checking out the PDK1000 Electronic Drum Kit. Heavy-duty in construction and featuring everything you need to play, this responsive set also has a module with 30 kit presets, 389 voices and 50 songs. It's never been easier to introduce yourself to electronic drums.

If you're here for a serious upgrade though, nothing will beat the Professional Series Road Pro Kit. Tour-ready and with an extremely rugged construction, this kit features SilenTrim on all drums, a full tom, snare, bass and cymbal configuration and even a uniquely designed VisuLite hi-hat cymbal. When you want to take your show on the road, you'll want this pro kit.

As well, if you're in need of individual parts, you'll find them in this section. From trigger cymbals to tubular pads to mounting systems, all Pintech parts are backed by their outstanding reputation for quality. There are even drum pad bundles available, so you know every part of your kit will have a consistent synergistic sound. When it comes to endorsing Pintech, the list of artists just seems to go on and on. Rob Bourdon of Linkin Park, former NIN drummer Josh Freese, Jethro Tull's Doane Perry, Adian Ost of Powerman 5000, Rikki Rocket of Poison and so many more drumming titans all swear by the authentic feel and high-end quality of Pintech electronic drums. Made for drummers that are serious about their sound, Pintech has no equal.