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When you invest in a Fender Select guitar you are investing in decades of fine tuning and quality design. These striking guitars are made with the utmost care and with superior hardware that come together to give you a guitar or bass tone you’ve only heard on your favorite tracks. Once you’ve played a select you won’t want to go back. Fender’s idea behind this series of guitars is to elevate their existing models like never before. Options like the Carved Koa Top Telecaster or the Thinline Telecaster are prime examples of this. With the same general design as a standard model but with finer details like select wood, unique pearl inlays and satin lacquers, these guitars look and sound stunning and remain that way due to high quality materials.

When it comes to hardware, Select series also excel. Options like the Carved Top Jazzmaster feature special wide-range humbucker pickups, three-way toggle switching, and an innovative inlaid C-shape maple neck with jumbo frets that makes it even more comfortable to play than the original. Each Select instrument features some fine hardware tuning so it’s good to decide what’s important to you when you start looking.

If you’re a bass enthusiast there are some pretty impressive options as well. The Select Jazz and Active bass options bring the original style with some innovative new features that will make your bass lines stand out. Both are equipped with seriously sturdy Posiflex graphite support rods for durability and include sensitive single coil pickups designed to capture the low and high end flawlessly. Great care is taken to select the components of these instruments which becomes evident the moment you start playing.

When you’re looking to dedicate yourself to your performance, there’s a Select option that will change the way you play music. Fender’s original designs are timeless and the Select series not only pays tribute but celebrates their iconic tone by enhancing them to a whole new level.