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There may not be a more recognizable name in the music world than that of Fender. Forever synonymous with popular modern music, Fender is the home of many well-known electric guitars that have become sought after by hobbyists, professionals, and collectors alike. Fender has a wonderfully rich history that dates back to 1946 when Leo Fender founded the company. They offered the first mass-produced solid-body Spanish-style electric guitar, and while they were at it, essentially wrote the book on how to do an electric guitar right, with the legendary Telecaster and Stratocaster being among the most revered guitars of all time.

If you're not one to get caught up in the hype, simply look at a list of artists who are playing Fenders. Legends such as Keith Richards, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Randy Bachman, Dick Dale, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Johnny Marr and Joe Strummer all made their magic on a Fender, while modern guitar heroes like Simon Neil, Tim Armstrong, Jimmy Smith of Foals, Jim Adkins of Jimmy Eat World, Matt Skiba of Alkaline Trio and more continue to rock out on this amazing gear.

Because Fender is so renowned and diverse, its safe to say they make an electric guitar you will instantly fall in love with. From the aforementioned Strats and Teles, to the Mustang, to the Jaguar or Jazzmaster, these guitars are offered in models that fit every need and play level. Left handed or right handed, beginner or pro, the iconic look and sound of a Fender is available for everybody.

A lot has changed since the first Fender guitars were produced over half a century ago, but one thing has not - the dedication to being the best in the world. Fender has built its reputation on forward thinking, diversity, and quality that is second to none. Choosing a Fender guitar for part of, or as the start to, your collection is the smartest decision any musician could make.