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Older than any other instrument that produces a pitched sound, the flute is a small yet extremely important member of the woodwind family, and its easily recognizable sound can be heard in school bands, symphony orchestras, and even jazz ensembles all over the world. In fact, more often than not, Gemeinhardt flutes are the preferred choice of beginners and experienced flutists alike, and it's all thanks to the impressive craftsmanship and high quality materials used in every flute they construct.

From student and intermediate instruments to models made specifically with today's discerning concert performer in mind, you've certainly come to the right place for a new flute. The only question is whether or not you're buying for a novice player or a professional? For those who are just getting their feet wet, you'll definitely want to have a look at the 2SP Series Student Flute. Built to last through countless practices and performances, the 2SP features a silver-plated head, body, and foot, closed-hole keys, and a C foot. Additionally, this flute comes with a durable plastic case and cleaning supplies. One of Gemeinhardt's best sellers, the 2SP is also the world's most popular student flute, and for good reason.

Or, maybe you've been playing for years and you're ready to make a big leap to something that boasts an exceptional level of artisanship. In which case, look no further than the 23SSB Professional Flute. A plateau model in the key of C, the 23SSB is a masterpiece that features a solid silver head, low B footjoint and keys, 12K white old springs, and a warm tone. When you've committed yourself to mastering such a noble and dignified instrument, you deserve to showcase your passion with a flute of this stature, so why not spoil yourself? The 23SSB is simply stunning in every aspect.

By now, you'll agree that Gemeinhardt's dedication to flutists of all budgets and skill levels is obvious. A trusted leader in woodwind instruments and accessories since 1948, Gemeinhardt's team is committed to your musical ambitions, and whether you're a veteran of the stage or still in the learning stages, a flute with your name on it is waiting to be discovered, right here.