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For DJ’s, performers, and venue managers, impressive lighting is every bit as important as the music itself. As PAR cans are the foundation of any great lighting rig providing backlighting, spotlighting, and texture throughout the performance space, Gels, Gobbos, and Lenses are vital to customizing your lighting, tone, and mood.

Gels are translucent, plastic materials, usually available in sheets and rolls, that can be used in conjunction with any PAR can. By filtering your PAR light through a gel, your light will take on the color characteristics of the gel. For example, a DJ performing at a Halloween Party would make use of Purple, Green, and Orange gels to create a spooky and festive ambiance. Use gels to create color zones in your performance space or to help direct guests to different sections of your venue. Gels come in various sizes, so take care to find the right gel for your PAR can; browse our 7” gels for PAR 46, 8" for PAR 56 and 9" for PAR 64 lights.

Browse our assortment of Gobos to customize your PAR cans even further. Gobos are stencil filters, usually made of steel, glass, or plastic, that are used to restrict the light emitted from PAR cans, yielding shapes, patterns, lettering, and many other graphics.

Lenses can help control the shape and dispersion of your PAR cans. American DJ offers colored domes that will let you change the color on a Snap Shot II strobe, as well as narrow-beam or wide-beam general-purpose lenses so you can change your cans between spot and flood effects. If you use LED lighting, another way for you to refine and pinpoint your lights is with shaping filters. These are cut-to-fit polycarbonate sheets designed to smooth, widen or shape the light from LED panels, PARs, bricks or strips. Choose between 10, 20 and 30 degrees to vary the effect, or even a 1-degree filter to turn your LED light into a linear wall wash light.

Brose our comprehensive assortment of Gels, Gobos, and Lenses to find the right combination for your performance. Whether you’re a DJ, live performer, venue owner, or just throwing a Birthday or Holiday party, we have the Gels, Gobos, and Lenses to help you put on a memorable show.