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With all eyes pointing in your direction, the time has come to give people a performance they will never forget. You have the drive, and you know you have the talent -  the only thing that's needed now is an extra visual component to set the mood, and firmly plant your show forever in the minds of anyone lucky enough to be part of it. What you're looking for is a little pizazz, courtesy of American DJ gels, gobos and lenses!  For centuries, lighting effects have played an extremely important role in the overall mood of stage shows. Whether you're making the local dance club bounce or keeping the reception floor filled with movers and shakers, American DJ provides a wide range of gels, gobos and lenses. When used with lighting, gels, gobos and lenses can create dramatic and dreamy effects that can significantly enhance your stage performance in the eyes of those in attendance. 

With plenty colours and styles to choose from, American DJ has the effects you need to spark life into any event or occasion! The gobo effect is one of the most popular lighting effects, and American DJ gobos are available in a wide range of styles and patterns. If you're looking to take some edge off the lighting without diffusing the party atmosphere itself, CGS-7 Gels work wonders at reducing harsh shadows while expanding the surface area over which your light is emitting. Or if you're really looking to set the mood, go with the American DJ Z-CL100 color lenses. Creating intense, brilliant undertones, the Z-CL100 color lenses are heat resistant and fit PAR 36 pinspot cans with ease.

By using the right lighting effects at the right time and place, you can be in full control of the mood and atmosphere of your special event. Whether you're new to the game, or a veteran in the business, American DJ gels, gobos and lenses are just what you need to take your stage show to new heights and possibilities. When you're ready to see the light, go with American DJ!