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General Oboe Instruction Books

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Whether you choose to practice on your own or with a class filled with like-minded oboe enthusiasts, owning general oboe instruction books is the best way to speed up your progression with the instrument. The oboe is equal parts challenging and rewarding to learn. Of course, it's also a lot of fun, especially when you have an extensive collection of general oboe instruction books to hone your craft with. Since the oboe was first developed in the 17th century, an impressive variety of music has been composed specifically for the instrument. Thankfully, leading music publishing companies like KJOS and many others do their best to compile lessons, exercises and as much oboe reference material as possible into their instruction books.

For a perfect example of what general oboe instruction books can be found on today's music market, turn your attention to the KJOS Tradition of Excellence: Technique & Musicianship Oboe band method. Created specifically for oboists who have completed their second year of study in any method, this must-have book is full of scales, thirds and arpeggios; articulation, technique and melodious etudes; plus full-band chorales in 16 major and minor keys. From ear training to sight-reading, this book will improve your musicianship skills quickly and enhance your artistic sensitivity in ways you never thought possible.

The fact that you've come to this section is a testament to your dignified music tastes and your determination to learn a one-of-a-kind musical instrument. While the oboe can be found most often in concert bands, orchestras and chamber ensembles, its bright tone and versatility also makes it a great fit in other genres as well, including pop, rock and jazz. For this reason, don't give up; practice your oboe as much as you can every day and you'll soon be blowing audiences away with your amazing musical talents.