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There's a certain unmistakeable quality about the classic rich tone of vintage amps that makes them sought-after by countless guitarists. However, there are only so many of them to go around and they're disappearing fast, which means that more and more of us are searching for a modern amp that can evoke the same vintage character. That's exactly why 65amps guitar amplifiers were created. One of the masterminds behind 65amps is Peter Stroud, a professional guitarist who's toured with the likes of Don Henley, Sheryl Crow and Stevie Nicks. After Stroud teamed up with his colleague Dan Boul, the two set out to build heads, cabinets and combos that would take the tone of a big vintage tube amp and repackage it into a smaller guitar amplifier with a sound just as warm and fuzzy, even at lower volumes better-suited to small venues.

Devoted to the spirit of classic rock, 65amps guitar amplifiers are set apart by their high-end components and hand-made construction, essential elements in creating a vintage-authentic amp. Also essential is second-to-none sound quality. In the Stone Pony 25W Combo Amp, that means 12" Celestion drivers for wide-ranging frequency response backed up by a 7591 power tube delivering '60s-era fuzz distortion. Another fantastic combo amp choice is the Ventura 112, a versatile performer that can go from American to British tone with just a few adjustments.

Combos are just the beginning of what 65amps has to offer. If you want to build a compact stack, you have tons of options, one suggestion would be to match the Lil' Elvis head to a Lil' Elvis cabinet. Although it's a 1x12 cab, you'll be pleasantly surprised to hear how the Lil' Elvis guitar amp head can make it sound more like a 4x12 setup. Based on unearthed 1960s designs, this head is packed with two EL84 power tubes and a 12AX7 in front. For genres running the gamut from hard rock to country to R&B to smooth jazz, there's little that Lil' Elvis can't do - and that's just one of several heads from 65amps, each with its own distinct personality.

Thanks to 65amps, there's no need to hunt for a hand-me-down vintage '60s amplifier. These amazing guitar amps will give you all the tone you could ask for with reliability that an old amp just can't offer. That's why artists like Dan Auerbach, Vince Gill and Bruce Springsteen (whose "Magic" album was mostly recorded on a London Pro head) trust 65amps to deliver on their promise of outstanding performance.