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Amplifying your acoustic instrument is a lot more complicated than plugging it into the first amp you see. A specialized amp can help you achieve the best and most natural tone from your acoustic guitar, and who better to make that amp than the self-proclaimed "acoustic people?" German-based AER has been creating amps since 1992 with the goal of faithfully reproducing acoustic sounds, and their amps are widely regarded as being among the most accurate you can buy. The first consideration in amplifying your sound is your preamp setup. The AER Colourizer is handy in that it can be used to strengthen and stabilize the signal from both instruments and microphones and is absolutely silent; simply plug it in between the source and amp or mixing desk to enhance your acoustic sound.

When it comes to amps, an excellent entry-level combo amp is AER Guitar Amplifiers' Alpha. This 40W amp has an 8-inch twin-cone speaker system and adjustable reverb effect for great sound. It also has two inputs, so you can use it for both your instrument and microphone at the same time.

If what you're looking for is a more advanced amp for larger performances, The AER Domino 2 has got you covered. Featuring two 8-inch dual-cone speakers, dual 60W amps and four channels, the Domino 2 is perfect for adding more volume and channels for performances at bigger venues.

Take your pick; no matter which AER amp speaks to you, you know the sound it produces will be clear and genuine. If you wanted distortion, cool effects and other altered sounds, you'd probably be playing an electric guitar. If instead what you want is for everyone at the venue to hear the instrument you hear when you’re practicing unplugged in your living room, AER Guitar Amplifiers are the best way to get that sound.