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Finding an acoustic amplifier that perfectly captures the natural dynamics of your instrument is easy to find. Since 1992, AER has been committed to the manufacture of acoustic amplifiers for all kinds of applications, and today, they're one of the most respected names in the industry. Throughout this section, you'll discover a wide array of amps for both acoustic guitars and basses. From 50-watt beasts to 200-watt powerhouses, an AER amplifier will bring the best out of your acoustic performance.

So what AER amplifier is right for you? That will depend on your own needs and preferences. For example, if you typically perform in smaller venues like pubs and coffee houses, you wouldn't need anything too colossal. If this sounds like you, then check out the Compact 60-3. Ideal for singer-songwriters who require top-notch reproduction for their instrument and vocal, this 60-watt, 1x8 combo amp is easy to transport, and fully delivers the outstanding tone that has made AER such a popular name in the industry. Now for those who play bigger concert halls, look no further than the Domino 2A. Consisting of more volume and more channels for larger venues, this amp is loaded with 100 watts of power, and will certainly demand the attention of anyone who's lucky enough to hear you in action.

As mentioned, AER also constructs bass amps, and the Amp Three 2x8 combo amp will impress any professional groover. Precise, transparent-sounding and featuring an excellent range of tone-shaping abilities, this small yet rich bass amp enhances the lows and mids of your instrument while providing the necessary strength to make your performance really cut through. Clear, assertive and inspiring, the Amp Three packs some serious low-end punch.

You've written the songs, you've sharpened your craft, and now you're ready to showcase your music for an audience. Before you hit the stage, remember that AER is the go-to choice of many top recording acoustic artists, including David Tanenbaum, Tommy Emmanuel and Martin Taylor. In other words, the faithful acoustic reproduction you deserve can be found in an AER amplifier.