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It's a simple fact that every instrument should be stored safely and securely in order to continue functioning at its best. For guitarists, the easiest solution is to invest in a well-built case or gig bag. And for that, Dean Guitar cases and gig bags have your instrument's back.

Whether you're a stay-at-home enthusiast or a professional touring musician, you'll have no problem finding the perfect guitar case or gig bag through Dean's extraordinary catalog of hard-shell and soft-shell guitar cases and gig bags. Since 1977, Dean has been building some of the finest guitars in the world, and their passion for cases and gig bags is equally as strong.

For owners of Dean ML electric guitars and basses, your axe will get more than enough security in the Dean Hard-shell ML electric guitar and bass case. Durable and easy to carry, this case is heavy-duty and perfect for any musician who hits the road often. Another highly rated option is the Dean Hard-shell Case for Performer Guitar. Consisting of rigid, thick walls, plush lining and heavy padding, this guitar shaped case will keep your instrument in mint condition for many years to come. In the soft-shell category, the Dean Playmate EAG gig bag is a best seller. Complete with a rugged exterior and comfortable handles, this gig bag is ideal for your Dean Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Bass.

Guitar cases and gig bags range in a variety of sizes and styles depending on what kind of guitar you play. Some are made specifically for Les Paul's, while others are more fitting for Stratocasters, or even Flying V's. For musicians who are constantly packing up a van and travelling, your best bet is to go with a sturdy and strong hard-shell case. However, soft-shell gig bags are great for musicians who are active in the local club scene and need to get around quickly with something light. Whatever you decide upon, you can be sure that every Dean Guitar case and gig bag has been manufactured with care by experts to ensure your instrument gets the proper protection it deserves.