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Music is always a personal thing, and that definitely includes the choices you make when it comes to your instruments and the hardware that goes into them. So for a guitarist, finding the right pickups isn't just a luxury - it's an important part of crafting your own signature sound, or even replicating the tone of your favorite artist. To achieve those goals, DiMarzio guitar pickups are some of the top-rated and best-regarded options around. That's no surprise when you look at just how many of them there are! It's easy to see that DiMarzio wants to offer enough variety for every guitarist to find the perfect fit, so no matter how you like to play, there's probably a set of pickups here to get you there.

The first step you might want to take would be to narrow down the options based on the guitar you're fitting-out. If you play a Stratocaster, for example, you could refresh all three positions with the DiMarzio Area Strat Pickup Set. Or for a Telecaster, how about the DiMarzio DP417 Area T Tele Neck Pickup or the DiMarzio DP421 Area Hot T Tele Bridge Pickup? Planning to turn your acoustic guitar into an acoustic-electric on the fly? Pickups like the DiMarzio DP138 Virtual Acoustic Pickup with Volume Control can help you with that, too.

On the other hand, maybe your plan is to follow in the footsteps of a bona fide guitar legend. In that case, any Dream Theater fan could appreciate the DiMarzio John Petrucci Pickup Set. Or you could go a little more freelance with the DiMarzio Joe Satriani Humbucker Set. There are even some signature pickups packaged in prewired pickguards like the DiMarzio FG2108 Paul Gilbert Injector Prewired Pickguard Pickup Set - and those pickguards are available in plenty of other, non-signature, combos as well in case you'd like one that you can make all your own.

There are tons of reasons to look for new pickups, from rebuilding an old guitar to assembling a new one piece-by-piece to simply customizing the output of your daily player. Since the guitar's signal path is sort of like a chain, and pickups are one of the key links in that chain, there's definitely a lot of room here to experiment with your tone. DiMarzio guitar pickups are all too happy to encourage that experimentation, too, so don't be shy about trying some out! You'll probably be glad that you did.