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When it's time for a guitar player to pick their strings, the options can be overwhelming. There are literally thousands of strings out there, many of which are ideal for very specific styles, while others tout their versatility as their strong suit. Amongst the many options, uncoated strings have always stood out for their natural, authentic feel and tone that is beloved by play-ers around the world.

On the surface, it may seem easy to tell the difference between coated and uncoated strings, but beyond the lack of coating there are some real benefits you may not have taken into ac-count. By forgoing the coating process, these strings are often described as being more respon-sive to your touch, which is a definite advantage. Additionally, the lack of coating is also re-flected in their cost, so these strings are great for beginners, as well as guitarists who are strumming on a budget.

So now the time has come to choose the uncoated strings that are right for you. To be honest, there is no “right” set of strings, only the ones that sound the best to you, so don't be afraid to explore a variety of sets until you come across the ones that appeal to you. If you're not entirely sure where to begin your search, why not check out our best sellers? The EXL110 Nickel Light Electric Guitar Strings from D'Addario, for example, are often referred to as "The Player's Choice," and for good reason. These strings are well known for their bright tone and easily re-duce fret wear. Best of all, these strings come in a 10-Pack, so you'll never have to worry about having replacements strings on hand.

Another popular option available here are the 2221 Nickel Slinky Lime Guitar Strings from Ernie Ball. These are the strings that are used by the greats. Names like Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, Slash, and Steve Vai all strum Ernie Ball's when they take the stage. With high design standards that always result in a long life, these strings are definitely a solid bet.