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If you've saved up to get your hands on your dream instrument, it really should go without saying that you're going to want to show it off a little. After all, what's the point in having such an awesome instrument if you can't make a few other music lovers a touch jealous? With a guitar wall hanger, you'll easily be able to show off your pride and joy to friends and family alike. Of course, when you're putting your instrument in someone else's hands, you better be able to trust them. That's almost certainly the reason you are checking out String Swing Guitar Wall Hangers. Since 1987, String Swing has been helping musicians showcase their favorite instruments where ever they want them.

So there's no doubt that you're wondering which String Swing Guitar Wall Hanger is right for you. Well, to be honest, that is probably a matter of personal preference. Our best-selling option is the Home and Studio Guitar Keeper (Wall Hanger). This pivoting guitar wall hanger is durably built so you're sure to get plenty of mileage out of it. With a deep cradle that prevents your instrument from being improperly hanged, this hanger is perfect for guitars of all shapes and sizes.

Another very popular option available from String Swing, especially if you have more than one instrument, is their 5 Guitar Hanger. This hanger is a breeze to mount and can easily adapt to a variety of your favorite guitars. The hangers are totally adjustable in spacing, and are able to pivot 180 degrees so you can easily put any axe on display.

And hey, String Swing even has options for other instruments such as ukuleles, banjos, and more. There's really no doubt about it, if you want your instrument to be the center of attention, you have to hang it from a String Swing guitar wall hanger.