Toca Hand Drums

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It's easy to march to the beat of your own drum when you go with Toca. Founded in the early '90s, Toca hand drums quickly became trusted and respected in the increasingly popular Latin music scene, thanks to an experienced team of crafters who are dedicated to bringing the joy of music to everyone.

Used continuously all over the globe, hand drums have been proven to be beneficial in a wide range of applications. Studies have shown that hand drums can help relax those who feel stressed, heal the emotionally wounded, and can even generate states of euphoria. Not to mention, hand drums are a great way to boost a young budding percussionist's sense of timing, as well as enhance a musical group's rhythm section. With all this in mind, you can bet that Toca specializes in an impressive variety of hand drums in a variety of shapes and styles that can be used a wide range of applications, including bongos, cajons, djembes, and congas.

You'll find plenty of top-selling hand drums to choose from in Toca's catalog, including the Freestyle Lightweight Series Djembe drum. A perfect choice for beginner percussionists, Toca integrates synthetic components which makes the Freestyle's body so light and portable. And for additional convenience, Toca has also included a shoulder strap, so you can play away in pure comfort no matter where life takes you.

Another popular item is the Toca Synergy Conga Set with Stand and Bongos. A quality yet economic way of working out your chops, this set consists of attractive 2-play Chinese maple shells, black powder-coated hardware, and natural rawhide heads. For more resonance and tonal voice, these drums are kept away from the floor with a sturdy double stand. Overall, the Toca Synergy Congo Set with Stand and Bongos is sure to please any aspiring Latin percussionist.

Whether you're a drummer who wishes to expand on their percussion abilities or a worldly troubadour who's looking to take up a new recreational hobby, hand drums are a great way to enrich a person's life, mentally and physically. And when it comes to exceptional sound quality, durability and beautiful designs, Toca hand drums are considered by many to be the best.