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Headphone Bass Amplifiers

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Taking your practice routine on the road is quiet and simple with a bass headphone amp. It's not always possible to plug in your bass to a larger amplifier so a little unit like this makes it easy to keep up with your musical endeavors, even in the wee hours. The options for creating your own arrangements are endless as well since most units offer an output that can easily be plugged into your 4-track or computer. Little practice amps are a relatively new creation that has helped many musicians keep up with their practice no matter the situation. Say you're on the road with your band and you need a little extra time to prepare, you just throw on your headphones, plug in and play away. Session players would often use these to make sure they were primed and ready to hit the studio. The auxiliary input and output offer endless possibilities. Whether you can play an orchestra full of instruments or are just looking to add your bass track on your own time, you can easily layer your bass line in with your own arrangement or your bandmate's drum and guitar track. You may need an adapter but many computers have the option of plugging in a small amp such as the Rockman Bass Ace Headphone amp and recording as well. The built-in compression a headphone amp offers is a great way for the musician to hear how it will sound when played on a traditional amp. The true-to-life sound creation ensures you have an authentic experience as you continue your practice. Anyone can practice a bass with no amp and hear the barely audible tone. The headphone amp provides you with a quieter understanding of the real thing. A basic headphone amp for your bass guitar is a solid way to increase your skill without feeling restricted. Often times, tight quarters require you to limit your practice time to daylight hours which is not always feasible. If you get the urge to play you won't even have to think twice when you have a bass headphone amp at your disposal.